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Greenland-Reunion Island friendship !

Preparing a class voyage for the Reunion Island children to Greenland (2024)

Since 2018 with « Association INSPIRE » by Oïjha

Now in Aasiaat (Greenland) and Saint-Philippe (French Reunion Island)

Year 2021-22 :

- Gifts !

- Friendship space in the classroom

- Children personnal Small Books sent to their friends

- Cultural Workshops : art and music

88 children involved around the world

2 classes in Greenland

2 classes in Reunion Island

Reunion Island children playing MALOYA music

for their Greenlandic friends (February 2022)


NUAN Program informations here :

Special thanks to the teachers: Stéphanie MERCIER, Jimmy SALVAN, Aviaaja PETERSEN, Ajaaja ROSING, Philippe HERCHER, Oïjha, and to Olivier RIVIERE (Mayor of St Philippe) and Ane HANSEN (Mayor of Aasiaat) for their kind involvment :-)

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